Welfare: Resources for our members and community

Mental well-being specific for LGBTQ+ people

Switchboard LGBT+ is a listening service. You can call, message, or email them and they are a great service to reflect on your thoughts and can signpost to specific services, support groups and social groups. Speak to them about coming out, relationships, LGBTQ+ specific support, abuse, drug addiction, safer-sex and more.

LGBT Foundation is an advice and support line. If you are struggling with mental health, feeling lonely or isolated, thinking about coming out, questioning gender identity, wanting to report a hate crime, then this is a good service to go to (like Switchboard).

London Friend is an LGBT+ service that provides free counselling, drug and alcohol support, sexual health support, and support for refugees and asylum seekers.

GALOPis an anti-abuse charity specifically for LGBTQ+ people. They support people who have experienced and are experiencing abuse and/or violence.

MindOut is a mental health charity directly supporting LGBTQ people.

Loving Men provide events and resources for gay, bi, trans and non-binary people to meet each other on a deeper level and find a sense of community.

Quest for gay/bi/trans people looking for emotional connections and community.

The Bisexual Index

Sexual Health, Safer Sex and more!

LGBT HERO was originally the GMFA (gay men fighting AIDS) but now has expanded to all members of the LGBT+ community. This is a brilliant source of information for any questions or concerns around sex – includes insightful blogs too! If you are thinking about it, it probably is covered here.

A guide for Lesbian, Bi and Trans women.

Cosmopolitan Sexual Guide for women who have sex with women.

The Terrence Higgins Trust is the UK’s leading HIV and sexual health charity. Like Switchboard, they also have a listening and support service for anyone who has questions on HIV and sexual health. They also have great information for Trans and Non-Binary people.

Dean Street is a great place for a sexual health check, but you can also check on the NHS site. If you use chems for sex and want support, then Dean Street offers this.

For further services and groups around sex, safer-sex and sexual health, contact Switchboard LGBT+.

Support for people who use drugs/chemsex

London Friend has a service supporting LGBT+ who are worried about drugs and/or alcohol.

Drug clinic in central London supporting people who are worried about drugs/and or alcohol.

Trans-specific support services

Gires have produced the Tranzwiki which is a directory of non-commerical groups and organisations support or assisting trans and gender diverse people, their families, and friends from across the UK.

Dean Street also offers support services specifically targeted at the Trans & Non-Binary community.

Spectra offer services such as counselling, peer mentoring, social groups and health advocacy. They also have a podcast.

Support for LGBTQ+ people who are part of black or ethnic minority communities.

Black Out UK is a non-for-profit social enterprise run and owned by a volunteer collective of black gay men.

Gaysians is an alliance of charities, support groups and meet-ups.

Black Beetle Health is an organisation dedicated to promoting the health, wellbeing and equality of LGBT+ Black and People of Colour.

For further services and groups targeted at black or ethnic minority groups, contact Switchboard LGBT+.

Law and Legal support for LGBTQ+ people

GALOP offers legal advice for those suffering from abuse/violence.

Pink Law, The Queen Mary University Legal Advice Centre is committed to offering both a welcoming and confidential environment for members of the LGBTQ community to get free legal advice. This is term time only.

Equality Advisory Support Service offers advice on issues relating to equality and human rights issues in England, Scotland and Wales.

If you know of any services or support groups that would be useful to our members, then please contact George Green who can add the service to our list.